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          Huashang Auto Engineering College


              Huashang Auto Engineering College is a secondary college subordinating to Guangzhou Huashang Vocational College.


              Huashang Auto Engineering College deeply coordinates with Guangzhou WeiJia Auto Sales Co., Ltd. under Huashang Education Group, which is an excellent Beijing Hyundai 4S shop authorized by Beijing Hyundai Motor Company, established strictly following the concepts of Beijing Hyundai Company 4S shop.

              Huashang Auto Engineering College has built a new auto teaching and training center, occupying a space of 1,500 square meters. The center has teaching and training for auto theory and practice integration, auto marketing, auto testing and maintenance, and experience center of new energy auto and so on. School and enterprises will share sites, teachers, technologies, equipment, business and other materials, with firstly factories and secondly schools, to achieve integration of teaching, learning and practices. Thus, students are able to learn and practice in real environment once stepping into the college.


              Huashang Auto Engineering College has signed strategic cooperation agreements with many well-known enterprises including Beijing New Energy Company, Guangdong Haowei Group and others, established stable training bases outside school, effectively implement “ordering-form” talents cultivation pattern and provide with maturing technical and skilled talents and compound talents for job career.




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